About Me

About Dr Simon Kaye

I am an academic, writer and lecturer based in London.Simon Kaye

I have varied and interdisciplinary research interests, including political theory, the history of ideas, historiography, British politics, and the methodologies of all these as well. I blog about many of these things at the British Democracy Blog, which I set up.

I also have interests in literature and popular culture which have informed some of my academic and non-academic output.

I work as the Parliament and Politics Lecturer at the Hansard Society’s Scholars Programme, convening a module on contemporary British Politics. In addition, I lead seminars and deliver lectures at the Department of Political Economy, King’s College London, where I am also completing my doctorate and serving in the role of TA Coordinator, which involves the development and dissemination of pedagogical best practice.


I have a PhD in Political Theory from King’s College London. I earned my BA in History with honours from Queen Mary, University of London, followed by an MSc in Political Theory with merit from the London School of Economics.

I have also worked in various capacities: as a lecturer and seminar leader, a constituency organiser for a political party, a writer in the Westminster office of a Member of Parliament, and as a research assistant at the Constitution Unit, University College London.