LOST’s Ingenious Apologists @ Prospect Blog

My third piece for First Drafts, the blog of Prospect Magazine UK. I’m quite pleased with this one.

I offer a few critical thoughts about how the show was wrapped up. I think most sensible folk agree that it was unsatisfying. But I also argue that the fun was always in the magnitude and cleverness of Lost’s web following.

I’ve got a bit of form talking about Lost on this blog – take a look through the ‘TV’ category if you don’t believe me. I think I’ll miss it.

My Prospect post is here, and here is a little extract:

Perhaps Lost’s creators shelved whatever overarching explanation they had originally concocted when they realised that it could never compare to the intricate, crowd-sourced theories of their viewers.

Oh, and beware the spoilers.

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3 thoughts on “LOST’s Ingenious Apologists @ Prospect Blog

  1. As time went on it increasingly struck me that fans of Lost had been tricked into thinking that adding on layer after layer after layer of seemingly random complexity somehow equated to ground-breakingly clever storytelling.

    But it wasnt clever. It was just what it seemed: random. And as time went on, less and less interesting. Which was a shame, as it started well.

    I wont miss it at all.

  2. I think a lot of people feel the way you do, Druid.

    I personally feel that there was a definite dip in quality in the second season, and then later for the fourth season. The final one, strangely enough, felt very good – until the big disappointment of the last handful of episodes.

    But I still think that the efforts of the fanbase are absolutely outstanding, and make the whole thing worthwhile in a back-to-front sort of way.

  3. I think creating the actual plot was always far less important to the shows creators than simply creating the weird and complex universe for all 6 seasons of nonsense to take place in.

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