About Me

Dr Simon Kayesk2

  • London-based lecturer and academic with a PhD in Political Theory
  • Research interests: democratic theory, political epistemology, the history of ideas, historiography, British politics, academic methods
  • Currently employed as Teaching Fellow in Liberal Arts and Political Economy at King’s College London
  • Lecturer in British Politics for the Hansard Society’s Scholars Programme and at Arcadia University’s London campus


  • BA in History with Journalism awarded with honours by Queen Mary, University of London
  • MSc in Political Theory awarded with merit by the London School of Economics
  • PhD was in the sub-field of democratic theory, awarded by King’s College London
  • Political work history in the Westminster office of a Member of Parliament and as the Constituency Manager for a political party in Hertfordshire North East in 2009-2010
  • Journalistic and editorial work history with Prospect Magazine, and Index on Censorship, along with two years at City University’s journalism school
  • Research work history as a research assistant on the Parliament research strand at the Constitution Unit, University College London
  • Higher Education work history for over five years as a lecturer, seminar leader and TA coordinator in several London universities.