Selected Published Work

Working and Conference Papers

  • Self-Governance in the UK
    New Local Government Network – Symposium Discussion Paper (2020)
  • The UK Economic Model – Perceptions and Realities
    Project for Modern Democracy – Morality & Markets, co-authored with Christopher Howarth (forthcoming) 
  • The Post-Truth Condition: Democracy and Truth as (Incompatible) Models of Justification
    Presented at MANCEPT Workshops, co-authored with Dr Clayton Chin (2017)
  • Is Political Disinformation more Impactful for Low-Information Voters?
    Presented at Democracy in a Post-Truth Age, University of Westminster (2017)
  • Ethics in the Market and the Forum
    Presented at MANCEPT Workshops (2016)
  • Political Theory and Public Ignorance
    Presented at MANCEPT Workshops (2015)
  • A Critique of Public Reason
    SURF Conferences, Institute for Humane Studies (2010)
  • Deliberative Democracy and Voter Rationality
    Political Studies Association (2010)
  • Deliberation as Populism
    Scholarship and a Free Society (2010)