The Deaths of David Bowie

I’m a child. I grab a cassette from my mum’s collection, drawn by the cover art alone. I listen to it for weeks on a family holiday in South Africa on a Walkman. The batteries are rechargeable and only capable of producing music for about five hours per charge. When they drain, the voice inContinue reading “The Deaths of David Bowie”


The Epistemology of Sherlock Holmes

In 1887, Sherlock Holmes didn’t care at all about breadth of knowledge, and wasn’t interested in amassing esoteric information. He was ignorant of many things, focused purely on his rather narrow interests. He didn’t even know, for example, that the Earth orbits around the Sun: “It is of the highest importance not to have uselessContinue reading “The Epistemology of Sherlock Holmes”

Top Ten Online Article @ Prospect Blog

I was surprised and gratified to discover one of my articles on Prospect Magazine’s end-of-year online content roundup. My piece about the fan theories spawned by the TV show Lost made it to no.9 on their top ten list of online-only articles. If I’m honest, I suspect that my splurge about the end of Lost and its importantContinue reading “Top Ten Online Article @ Prospect Blog”